Epic Brunch


I couldn’t possibly write all these reviews in one post but wanted to show off a huge brunch I did for 10 people at a friend’s house. We went shopping right before the guests were scheduled to arrive and started cranking out plate after plate.


Top (L): Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos covered in pancake batter and fried, Top (R): Pancake batter coated “Queso para friar” aka, Fryable Cheese. Bottom (L): Grilled Chicken Cheese Sausage. Bottom (R): Strawberries and Blueberries.


Top (L): Thick Cut Bacon, Top (R): Sauteed Mushrooms (L): Sauteed Spinach with Garlic (R):  Heart Shaped Jalapeno Waffles.


Top (L): Red Potatoes before frying up with onions, Top (R): Heart Shaped Bacon Waffles (L): Regular Heart Shaped Waffles (R): Eggs Benedict Operation for 12, using a cupcake tin inside a large cassarole, hollendaise in the works.


Top (L): Eggs Bennie Technique (R): Hollindaise (L): Eggs on Low Calorie English Muffins (R): The whole brunch spread.

One comment

  1. Wow, that is gorgeous!! I love that it is a twist on the normal brunch spread as well!! I want you to host my brunches or to be a member of your parties! I bet your morning drinks were amazing as well. Great job!!

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