Orange Marshmellow Buttercream Frosting ~ Orange Julius Frosting ~

I think I have finally perfected the frosting for my Orange Cake. The Orange Cake is a new favorite, simply because it’s so fresh tasting. The lemon and orange peel, pulp and juice add so much to the taste of the frosting or glaze. I call it the Orange Julius frosting.

The Marshmallows with the Orange Juice make it taste like an Orange Julius. A smoothie made with creamy milk and citrus flavors. Yummm….

Juice from 2 Oranges or Lemons or combo, pulp included
Lemon and Orange peel
1/8 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup butter – cut into small pieces
1/8 cup milk (optional)
1 box confectioner’s sugar (powdered)
2 cups marshmallows

Take the juice from the citrus and pulp and mix with sugar in small sauce pan, heat together. Add small amount of butter and melt into sweet orange mixture. Heat and then add Marshmallows to heat and melt. Once melted, turn off heat.

In a medium bowl, combine butter with orange marshmallow liquid – blend with a hand mixer. While blending – you can add a little milk to thin to a glaze or leave it alone. As you are beating the frosting, add your powdered sugar and let it thicken up.

This time I put a little more orange juice and milk which thinned out the frosting, making it like a sweet glaze on the outside of the cake. I kept pouring glaze over and chilling the cake in the fridge so that the glaze built up a nice layer.

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