Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Lots of people know how to make mashed potatoes. I know it’s not very original, but I cook mine in a different way.

  • 5-6 potatoes, diced
  • Enough Water to cover them
  • Italian Seasons, Salt for the boil
  • 1/8 cup butter (1/2 a stick)
  • 1/8 cup of milk
  • Spices of your choice, Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Rosemary, etc.

Dice potatoes and cover with water. I leave the skins on. I like to spice up my water for the boil with Italian seasoning and salt. Let boil until done, stick a fork in them. I like them really cooked.

Remove water and put the potatoes back on the flame. Add butter and milk and whip them until light. Leaving a little water on the potatoes will thin them out a little more and make them creamy. Then add your spices, I like Garlic Salt, pepper, cayenne, maybe ground cumin. Whatever you like πŸ™‚

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