Crockpot Recipe: Ham and Multi Bean Soup with Spinach

After Christmas, I had the ham bone with meat on it and wanted to use it to make a Crock Pot from scratch recipe. Something good and hearty, so I made the Ham and Multi Bean Soup with Spinach.Multi Bean since I purchased the bag of 15 different variety beans from Safeway. Large and small, this bag has lots of hearty beans. I do not use the packet of “ham flavor”, it has MSG and my ham has “ham flavor”.

Note: I bought the bag and didn’t notice the 24 hour soak, so I soaked them for 4 hours and slow cooked for 12. They absorbed the water quickly, so They came out perfect, so I can’t imagine that they really needed 24 hours.

1 bag of Multi Bean Soup
3 bulbs of garlic diced
1/2 Medium Yellow Onion
3 carrots, diced
3 celery stalks, diced
1 bell pepper, diced
1 ham bone with meat
2 quarts of water or more to cover
3 cups spinach, diced
italian seasoning, cayenne
Salt pepper

Put everything into the crockpot, making sure that you cover everything with a least an inch of water. Then cover and set low for at least 10 hours. I did this overnight.

In the morning, the soup broke down and boiled slowly. About 30 minutes before I was ready to turn it off, I put in the spinach and submersed them in the soup. Once it was done I added salt and pepper, it was so simple that it absorbed the flavors of the meat, veggies and beans.

Now that’s a soup!

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